Aliment: Redressing The Balance

Thought #1: Isn’t it funny how little Spanish music translates to the UK and beyond?

It’s not as if Spain doesn’t have lots of creative people (it has lots and lots and lots) or that its musical tastes are too esoteric for wider consumption (Enrique Iglesias, anyone?). I can’t fathom it, and even my attempts to redress the balance (Catalonian band Seward were ANBAD’s band of 2012) reflect my confusion.

Thought #2: “Ailment” is a remarkably good name for a garage rock band, isn’t it? **EDIT – I then realised their name is actually “Aliment” – which translates as ‘food’ from Catalan. It’s still a good garage name.**

And yes, they are a Spanish band. And yes, they ought to be better known outside of Spain. (On this front, they are usefully playing some UK gigs later this month).


There are no clichés in the world of garage rock, and as such, Ailment, balance their yin and yang before one buzzy note has been struck. 

Holy Slap is vehemently punchy, crunchy and throw-up-your-lunch-y. You’ll not care that these four chords have been played a million times before: any kind of enthusiasm of this sort, in a perfect two-minute bundle, is too infectious to be put down.

As a side issue, I have no idea what a “holy slap” is, and it’s probably better to keep it that way.


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