Weirds: Funny Money

Perhaps one of the more exciting things about the music industry having gone into financial freefall is that bands have started looking outside of the traditional streams for that elusive cash-money.

This has had a number of interesting consequences, not least that bands are now doing things for money that they would never have dreamed of doing before.

For instance – next week, music streaming people Deezer are getting The Ramona Flowers to play a gig in a secret location next week in Manchester from inside a perspex box, whilst the audience listens via wireless headphones.

Now, I think this is all very good. Better to be doing slightly bonkers PR events like this where everyone has fun and the band gets paid more than if they’d played half a dozen toilet venues.

(And by the way, if you want a couple of tickets to this gig, get in touch via here and here.)

Speaking of weird, the possibilities are surely endless for the band Weirds. They could have a lucrative sideline in doing odd things for money, a bit like Keith Chegwin’s late-90’s career.

Actually, they don’t need to – Crocodile is a gloriously carefree romp through fuzzpop, buzzpop and noiserock. That a song clocking in at a mere 2min30sec can zip all over the place so much, cramming in idea after idea, is testimony to the ingenuity of this exciting new Nottingham band. Keep an eye on them.

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