Sara: Coke, Prostitutes, and Angry Pimps

I have a Spanish friend called Sara.

We once went out for a drink in her hometown of Vigo. It was 9pm when we went out. When I left the last nightclub that we went to, it was 10am. I stepped out, confused, into the dazzling Spanish morning sun.

This was only after spending the final few hours turning down the advances of a Portuguese doctor who wanted me to go and bump coke with him in the toilets along with a Russian prostitute he’d introduced me to.

The doctor left shortly after me, directly to the local hospital where he worked. I went to the nearest bar, embarrassed by my behaviour, ordered Churros con chocolate and a brandy, and then walked 10 kilometres whilst trying to figure out where my bed was.

I only mention this because, well, band-names conjure up all sorts of memories, don’t they? And this happened to be the one that the band Sara have clattered up against. Life, eh?

So, how do they compare? Well, favourably, insomuch as I haven’t been threatened by a Russian prostitute’s pimp yet.


Absence of coke and hookers isn’t all that Sara have going for themselves: Horses is an unusual, mildly gorgeous waxing ‘n’ waning pop song that shimmers, wobbles and toys with the kind of vocal effects you’d usually steer a million miles from, all to wonderful effect.

Not many of the zillions of songs written ever deserve a second listen. Hell, not many of the songs on ANBAD get them. But Horses really, really does.


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