Prides: I’ll Slick

I’ve been idly working, like most idle people, on a theory.

It relates to the reemergence of sliiiiick 80s pop music. Go on and laugh, but it’s coming back, I tell you.

Now the ‘industry’ is on its knees and slowly picking itself up again, what better way to inject some much-needed moolah than via the methodology espoused by The KLF, Stock, Aitken & Waterman, et al?

I suppose we never really moved on from those enjoyably facile days, and pop music never will. And I can kind of live with that.

None of the above is trying to imply that Prides are a soulless Jonny-Hates-Jazz-type bunch: they’re not. But their sound is, well, slick.

Out of the Blue‘s definitive feature is the vast, bludgeoning synth and an agonisingly catchy keyboard noodle: it’ll wedge itself in your brain, and powers the whole song; it’s the point.

It’s as 1980s Pop as you could dream of in that regard. In other ways it’s very now: sincere, ‘dark’-but-not-too-dark, very aware of the past, but not dallying too long in it – but here’s a song that dips back and forth with ease.


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