Inevitable Daydream: Ridden

I can’t figure out if the name of the band Inevitable Daydream is a brilliantly knowing insider joke based on a band’s likelihood to get lost in their thoughts, one of those names that is just a bit shaky, or whether the whole thing is simply another example of me focussing on the least important things again.

Anyway, Inevitable Daydream have made a record, in Clouds, that has a naiveté which leaves a charming and lovely aftertaste. There’s a lack of pretence and a feeling of insularity: the song has fed from itself and mutated as it has grown.

Also, Inevitable Daydream sound a lot like Ride. Bands that sound a bit like Ride are probably due a comeback, or a comeback-of-a-comeback, I’ve lost track.


Occasionally I agonise a bit over whether I should put a band on ANBAD, and generally when I do this, I err on the side of imprudence and shove ’em on, simply because that’s the point.

Inevitable Daydream are what a new, young band ought to be: alert, but not too concerned with the outside world; tuneful, but still entranced by the sheer fun of making noise.


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