Forest: Good Things

2013 was supposed to be (a carefully co-ordinated) Year That Guitar Music Came Back. But clearly no-one really wanted that, and with surprise new material from Daft Punk, Bowie, Suede and Boards of Canada, it’s turning out to be The Year Of Enormous Comebacks instead.

Well, good. Guitar music never went away, at least not in the UK, where the guitar is still an assumed default.

As such, any pre-meditated comeback would have just ploughed a load of actual, hard-working bands who just happen to use guitars back into the rock ‘n’ roll hayfield.

Oh, hey there, Forest – what a good time for you to pop into this tortured metaphor!


Forest are one of those bands.

No, not just one of those bands I described above, but one of those bands: one that exist for what one could hesitantly call the “right” reasons – which is to say that songs like Good People feels like a song from a band who have picked up guitars because they feel right, and not because they look good to pose with.

These feelings may well be nonsense, of course, but what else do we have in the murky world of rock ‘n’ roll other than feelings? Anyway, Forest‘s guitars buzz like – ha! – a chainsaw; the vocals buzz a fair bit too, and I can only imagine that their fans buzz around in front of the stage too. They’re a buzzy kind of band.

Good things happen to good people. And Good People is one of those good things.


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