Capua Collective; Collect ’em All

I’m not entirely sure that Capua Collective are actually a collective. I mean, there’s two of them, which only really makes them just about plural.

Still, being the big-hearted individual I am, I’m willing to let this slide, simply because Capua Collective are frighteningly young (19) considering the kind of nuanced music they’re making.

Might As Well takes all the elements that usually guarantee a song to be a snore-fest – soft, shuffly sounds all merging together, vaguely World-music polyrhythms, neo-2-step drums –  and defy the odds to produce something quite tasty indeed.

I love any song that only introduces vocals when you’re beginning to think that the song actually has no vocals at all. Just after the halfway point usually does the trick – and Lo! when Ella Rothwell’s creamy vox begin, well – your attention is grabbed all over again.

Maybe Capua Collective will rustle up a few more loosely-connected members to make themselves a true collective and maybe they won’t. I guess that as long as they will keep creating nicely organic and discombobulated music, no-one will notice.


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