Pregnant: Pause

After all yesterday’s procrasturbation about applying the old and new; and splicing the loose and the rigid, here’s a band that glace at those concepts and run with them, wildly laughing at their carefree

Pregnant shovel their sounds, influences and ideas onto their songs all at once. As always, it oughtn’t work, but does.

Shuffling, hesitating (see headline for application of the obvious pun) and lolloping with abandon, Strangers is outrageously sun-filled, lazy and vague. And yet it’s whip-smart, razor-sharp and as brief as it needs to be.


This is a terrific song in every way, harking back to a time when distorted, reedy vocals were the norm, and punching into a future of borderline-out-of-control pop songs, where noises swirl into one kaleidoscopic, reckless, glorious mess.

MORE: mushrecords/pregnant-strangers


One thought on “Pregnant: Pause

  1. A very interesting combination of sounds and an interesting concept that Pregnant has in mixing the old with the new. I like the distorted reedy vocals.

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