This Is Water; Plus ANBAD De-Camps to SXSW, ZOMG

If it seems quiet on here for a couple of weeks, it’s because ANBAD is off again to SXSW, for reasons my fragile rational mind simply can’t fathom.

SXSW is all of these things, in no particular order: madness, brilliance, muddled noise, terrible silence, heinous crowds, happiness and Idiocracy-style branding.

Despite all this, I am actually excited, in a weird, sickening way.

However, this year I’m not even going to pretend that I will have time to post any new bands, so you may well be left with the appropriately calming sounds of This Is Water propping up the front page for a while.


This is hardly a shabby state of affairs: Calling To Me is intensely relaxed, gentle and zen in the exact way that SXSW is not. This Is Water does nothing unusual except for following his own nose, and producing the music he really wants to produce: slightly drifting, trippy psyche-folk-guitar-pop.

If everyone who made music just made the music they really needed to make, rather than what they thought the world wanted, our ears would suffer so much less. I wonder how many bands in SXSW create with that notion as a starting point?


2 thoughts on “This Is Water; Plus ANBAD De-Camps to SXSW, ZOMG

  1. Hi,

    Ok I am busted, so I wont pretend to be a “friend of the band.”
    I am the mother of two of the band members. (lead singer and keyboard player).

    “emerson star” is the band name and the song is “please sister”.
    You can find it on You Tube (under band name plus song title).

    These guys Shannon, Taylor, Sean and Garrett are childhood friends.
    They have been playing as a band around Los Angeles for a couple of years…They are working on a website.

    This is their first video, they recorded it live its an original song with very tight harmonies…

    Of course I may have some prejudice about the band : )
    but I was a film/music editor for many years and have heard lots of crazy great music (and some pretty bad stuff too) and this group is good…of all the bands that my sons has been in…this is the only one that I love…

    Hope you take a look/listen.

    Thank you so much!

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