The Manticores: A Mainline Connection

Odd how a while ago you couldn’t get someone to listen to vaguely psyche-y music for love nor money.

It was the niche realm of the odd and the defiantly outré.

Then Tame Impala poked the bubble of discontent simply by the virtue of being very, very good, and all of a sudden the collective tastebuds are entirely receptive once more, eagerly lapping up every warped, cloudy psyche note.

Neat timing from The Manticores, who can/should/really must capitalise on this cheerful turn of events.

And they too, fortunately, are good; at the very least, they’re much better than most husband/wife bands ever are.


Featuring the snappiest drums this side of a early-noughties Neptunes remix, New Who is – and I use this word entirely advisedly – a delightful, pink-hued romp through the physical sensations of wonder, fulfilment and delirium.

The song is a nugget of joy. It’s a beaut. It’s a mainline connection to a better, happier place. Hop on!


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