Phantom Balance: Rappity-Rap

You know, it’s always nice to receive an email that is personal, or is fun, or just understands what’s what.

It’s not a requirement, naturally, but the following was enough to pique this jaded email-deletion-master’s interest, at least:

 I know you do more from the beats/instrumental side but not a whole lot of actual rappity rap. Which I actually think is just fine, but, I do have some rappity rap you might like.


Rappity-rap, indeed. Funnily enough, I love rappity-rap; it’s just that I have to narrow my focus a bit to find new bands, and there’s so much rappity-rap and hippity-hop out there that that particular genre had to be culled from my field of vision.


Now, it’s already been established this week that I really like interesting usage of samplers, and guess what – Phantom Balance have the golden knack too.

Hip hop, accompanied by rappity-rap or otherwise, is a tough genre to innovate in, or even to simply avoid re-treading the same old ground in. Drum Symbols doesn’t re-invent the hip-hop wheel, but it does add something hugely enjoyable to the hip-hop canon, and this is more than good enough.

Phantom Balance have snap, groove and swing; their rhymes have punch and grit. Nice stuff indeed. Sorry – “nicety-nice”.


2 thoughts on “Phantom Balance: Rappity-Rap

  1. What a breath of fresh air. I hear a lot of Hip Hop on reverbnation, and A lot of it really does sound the same. Phantom Balance definitely have that “It” factor, That “something different” that set’s them apart from the pack. They may not be re-defining the genre, but they sure sound F-ing good! Love it.

  2. I am so happy I decided to check this website out because I discovered THIS music. Truly different than the hip hop sh*t that is out there now. Can’t wait to hear more from this band.

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