Ah, the joys of freelance life.

Being your own boss, calling your own shots, weeping into your own pillow as you wonder how you’ll pay the rent – the perks are endless.

Being a musician must be the ultimate freelance job. Just crafting vibes all day, as and when you like, and watching the money roll right in. Right? Right!?

Well, it can’t be all bad, as Ki Oni is at pains to point out his main perk of “self-directed workflow” – and it involves sitting in his smalls.

“I still play in a few bands but nothing beats walking from your to your desk in your underwear making music all day!”


Hey, maybe Ki Oni knocked Lunch Vibes up in his lunch break? Who knows. He could take three hour POWER LUNCHES for all we know, such is the frivolous nature of his work practice.

It matters not either way – Lunch Vibes is all about the vibes, and less about the lunch, and you may well remark that this is a good thing as the tune madly jabbers and loops through all two minutes of its existence.

All the best pop songs are two minutes long, and this might not be Call Me Maybe, but it sure is a song that you’ll want to replay immediately, just to figure out at what point you zoned out under its hypnotic spell.


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