WhatsHisFace: Bass-t In Show

It seems endlessly facetious to say that Genre X is more interesting than Sub-Genre Y.

However, having spent an unfair amount of my time in recent months listening to various types of laptop-spawned, mainly cut ‘n’ paste royalty-free-sample-pack dance music (or as it’s called in the USA, CNPRFDM), I find myself making these kind of distinctions.

Chiefly, I have come to this conclusion: if you’re going to visit an online music resource, pick a genre tag and click play, you’re better off selecting the all-encompassing “Bass Music” than any of its similarly bass-tastic peers.

I discovered WhatHisFace via the old-fashioned method: a personal recommendation, so I knew his music would be good before I’d heard it. No algorithm yet written can do that.


WhatsHisFace is a young Mancunian producer. He’s a boy, almost.

He’s making music that is raw, simple, direct, and will piss off your mum. You could level any number of accusations at this kind of music: it adheres to a formula, the sonic palette is over-familiar, but-just-how-is-this-pushing-the-envelope?, whatever.

They’re all pointless grievances. This is what pop music is. Que Call does what it should – and that is an achievement in every sense.

MORE: facebook.com/whatshisfacee

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