Warrior Monks. Or Wait, It Might Be WaMoo Papez Again. Hmm. [FREE DOWNLOAD]

ANBAD has been thinking a lot about identity.

Specifically, a change of one: it seems like ANBAD is – well – just a smidgen out of step with the zeitgeist.

Just look, for example, at the glut of bands who are all frantically trying to typographically one-up each other; vowels are omitted, or swapped with X’s or V’s or triangles, or currency symbols.

And this mindless, and yet crucially ‘now’, phenomenon is happening to all sorts of artists, all over the world: CHVRCHES and CURXES – two bands who, because of their chosen spellings, are totally indecipherable in my mind – lead the way, but they are in a very elite group of chubby-fingered typists: Alt-J (∆) and A$AP ROCKY are also shaking up the linguistic paradigm with their band names.

There are many more.

So ANBAD needs to catch up. It already has the obligatory CAPS LETTERS, but here, after much deliberation, is the all-new-and-improved ∆NX∆D:

Gotta keep up with The Kids.

And talking of names, here’s the marvellously-monkiered Warrior Monks, a group who are produced by the equally bonkers-named ANBAD  ∆NX∆D alumni, WaMoo Papez:


Wait. I think I’m confused by all this naming and re-naming. This song might just be a WaMoo Papez solo thing, albeit kind-of something to do with Warrior Monks.

Frankly, who cares? All bands are essentially side-projects of one another  nowadays. Just get stuck into the deep, delicious and downright drowsy loops and beats of Poppy, a song that waxes and wanes and snaps and clatters in the most satisfying manner you can imagine.

Maybe we’re better off not knowing something as irrelevant as the artist’s name, especially when a song is this excellent.

MORE: soundcloud.com/warrior-monks

One thought on “Warrior Monks. Or Wait, It Might Be WaMoo Papez Again. Hmm. [FREE DOWNLOAD]

  1. Mr. Joe Sparrow, please stay out of step with the ‘kids’ :)

    It’s what I enjoy most about ….. your site, the site formerly typed as ANBAD.

    Not mention hearing an eclectic array of intriguing music.

    Onward ho!

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