TrinyTECH: Anti-Mumford

It’s Monday morning.

If, like me, you accidentally (and expensively) drank your body weight  in 15-year old whisky, eschewing sleep, personal dignity and common sense in the process, you’ll want something soothing, calming and zen to listen to.

Something like a nice Mumford and Sons B-side, if B-sides even existed any more; or the latest bobble-hat-and-ironic moustache generic chillwave ‘release’.

Or how about some intensely machinated Russian minimal techno?

Yes, TrinyTECH produces the latter, and it feels perfectly right for whatever you’re doing right now on a Monday morning.


Maybe Clear Your Nose only scratches my particular itch for dumb ‘n’ regimented house music, but one of the unique qualities of minimal techno is its ability to thud-thud-thud the listener into a quasi-hypnotised state, and this counterbalances the after-effects of my weekend’s over-exertion, thank you very much.

Moreover, TrinyTECH is pretty good at making it: all of his songs appear to ‘get’ the – excuse this word – nuance of minimal techno. We are now used to getting exactly what we want, whenever we want it, be it wanting to get free delivery on almost everything, or free deals on UK tour tickets, and hauling ourselves back from this all-and-more brink is ever-increasingly complicated.

Similarly, in the day and age of lush, super-complicated laptop songsmithery, resisting the urge to Chillwave-ify each and every song, sound and sample with layer after layer of sound must be nearly impossible, and so TrinyTECH deserves endless plaudits for his restraint alone.


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