TD Cruze: A Reluctant Hero

As a minor Beastie Boys obsessive, and rabid consumer of Golden Age Of Hip Hop™ LPs, I often find myself wondering why the art of sampling is under-utilised so much now.

When I say ‘sampling’, I mean in the late-80s/early-90s MPC60 sense – when simple snippets of songs were looped and divvied-up and reconstructed into new, harshly insistent songs.

Yes, yes, the practice was sued out of existence – but today, when blogs and Soundcloud offer so many illicit and grey-area outlets for home-made, profit-free music, shouldn’t we be witnessing a renaissance?

Well maybe we are. TD Cruze knows that sampling may well be standard practice now in terms of its usefulness, but his approach is determinedly old-school. And focussed: his latest collection of sharp beats and clever constructions are based around samples from – what else? – The Twilight Zone.


TD Cruze’s last EP was built entirely out of samples of animal noises. I like gimmicks, especially when one is executed with such panache, lightness and verve.

In an era when spookily-noised R’n’B-influenced songs are de rigueur, songs like Peaceful Valley find themselves fitting in by mistake: sparse and squeaky, nagging and poppy, odd but appealing. If he de-tuned the voices, added some Neo-2Step clicky beats and threw in a ∆ into his name, he’d probably be hailed as a hero.


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