Painted Zeros: Inducing The Purple-ist Prose *Ever*

Quick, what do you think of – what sounds play in your febrile mind – when you think of Brooklyn bands?

I’m probably thinking of the same sounds as you – something a bit echoey, a bit “reverb-drenched”; something with vibes. You know, a bit dreamy. Maybe you can see the artists too, and maybe they’re wearing clothes that ought to really be on the corpse of your long-dead grandma.

A couple of things are unusual about all this: the fact that these crass generalisations are often close to the truth, and how much these things actually matter. They either cement a band in your mind, or, depending on your constitution, dissolve them to nothing.

Painted Zeros are from New York. I’m, of course, only guessing that they’re based in Brooklyn, but I’d bet my bottom dollar that they are. Until I receive the email from the band pointing out that they live in Queens, I’m sticking with my theory.

Because Painted Zeros do indeed fulfil a few Brooklynite criteria, except unusually, they pull these now-familiar threads together to wonderful effect.

Call Back is – and I mean this – crushingly lovely in all sorts of ways that somehow punctured my cynical, weary mind.

There was something in this song I couldn’t quite figure out – and then it struck me: it’s technically and musically sophisticated without being wanky, and there’s a sense of lightness, of fun(!), present that sweeps through the song like a warm breeze through Provençal hills: slightly sensual, very welcome and endlessly pretty.

I like this band very, very much. Even the slightly ironic tags they attached to their music (00000000 rock, flowercore, skull pop, New York) seem genuinely charming in context. Painted Zeros are soaked in beauty.


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