[Klo-do]84 – Kibbled Sounds

No, that’s not a typo up there on the headline. It’s not an auto-generated spam post title either.

It’s actually kind of a tacit admission that I’m slowly grinding any remaining ANBAD audience away with a slightly obsessive fascination with Japanese underground music.

I keep trying to love the Brooklyn bands with the smooth, smooth, ‘dreampop’ sounds, the neon bobble hats and cans of hand-temperature PBR… and I keep getting drawn back to Japanese neo-Juke-hip-hop.

Hey, at least you’re getting a new band today, right?

So while you’re considering that it’s now patently clear that ANBAD is increasingly poorly-named, also consider that [Klo-do]84  represents, at the very least, something exciting you may not have heard before.


Take Resson 1, for instance. It’s a short burst of marvellously creative, stripped-back and crunchy hip-hop, and is symptomatic of [Klo-do]84’s songs. Samples are quickly grabbed, chopped, kibbled and shuffled together. There’s a sense of freedom, lightness and quickly-made decisions – all of which seem to be a success.


 [Klo-do]84‘s name is also indicative of a peculiarly Japanese band-naming system: that is, the more obscure and unintelligable, the better. This is a scene simply made for ANBAD. Forgive me, and enjoy this wonky, joyfully basic noise-pop.

MORE: soundcloud.com/klo-do

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