Jogging House: Unstuck In Time

Some songs hypnotise in the truest sense of the word.

You’ll surely have experienced it at some point: getting lost in a song and suddenly realising that either time trundled to a halt a while ago, or it extended elastically to the point where you occupy that odd mental place between reality and dream.

Purple prose that may be, but I caught myself lingering in that odd musical hinterland today, hopelessly lost in the dizzying throb of Jogging House‘s My This, My That.

I can’t explain why it happened. it just did. There are no reasons, and needn’t be any, either.


Jogging House have snipped and assembled a careful selection of perfectly complimentary samples that shape a song so deep and unctuous the listener will sink slowly into it without quite realising.

Brutally dense, rigidly organised and caramel-hued, My This, My That is woozy and pin sharp all at once. Sounds are soft-edged, silken and pillowy; the snappy, razor-edged sound of now is nowhere to be seen. It’s probably no coincidence the song was released on cassette – and it’s probably the only time I can think of such a retro move being justified.

Marvellous stuff. Allow yourself to become unstuck in time.


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