Eastern Hollows: Quietly Colourful

Gosh, hasn’t it been a long time since the there was a new band on ANBAD? It’s almost like I took the end of the year off to take a long, hard look at myself. And then get straight back to doing exactly the same thing as before. New year, same old new bands. Make of that what you will.

So why not start the year with a seasonally-appropriate song? Eastern Hollows’ Summer’s Dead seems about right as an appraisal of the weather in Manchester at the moment, with balmy days and blue skies feeling as distant as ever.

Until we are blessed with anything approaching reasonably pleasant climes, a song with a blissful chorus that sounds like it’s being played through extremely dense, sweet smoke will do, right? Right:

Summer’s Dead has a na-na-na-na chorus that is a minor joy to behold, addictive and nagging, as all na-na-na-na choruses are.

I kind of loathe the tag “dream popbut can overlook its grating nature in a song that exhibits all the best qualities of a beautiful dream: coherence and incoherence messily colliding in splutter of rainbow colours, sweet sounds and kind intent.

This is a lovely, quietly brilliant song: as good a start to any year you may care to mention.

MORE: easternhollows.bandcamp.com

PS, if you missed it – here’s the ANBAD Top Ten of 2012 in (rather splendid) radio format. Perfect for during your drive-time commute. Or for whilst you’re cleaning the bog, whatever.

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