Bridie Jackson and The Arbour – Glorious; Gloom. [EXCLUSIVE FREE DOWNLOAD]

Here’s a thing: ANBAD rarely features cover songs.

Not because covering another artists’ song is a particularly gauche thing to do, or anything, but it’s just that there’s so much great “original content” (as New Media Specialists say) out there, that there simply isn’t room for re-trodden stuff.

By now, you’re probably sensing a “but…”, and rightly so. (Also: minus points for anyone who sniggered at any unspoken “sensing a butt” gags.)

Moreover, the above sentences form an entirely unfair precis to Bridie Jackson and The Arbour, who has released a beautiful song written by, it turns out, Official Friend Of ANBAD, Louis Barabbas.

Now, when I heard that this had come to pass, my curiosity was deeply tickled. Louis is a gruff-voiced grumbler of bitter, coiled and torn love/hate songs. Bridie Jackson has a voice that sounds like silk being dragged over rose thorns. What, just what, would give?


What gave, it transpired, was a heart-stoppingly lovely song. Scarecrow is horrific in content, and glorious in composition. Death, loss and tragedy compete with an arrangement dusted with silvery touches, breathy closeness and beauty, beauty, beauty abounds.

Louis’ songs have never sounded glossier; Bridie’s voice has never sounded sadder.

Bridie and The Arbour have been good enough to give the readers of ANBAD this song as an exclusive free download. Do, please, take full advantage of this, and then buy something else of theirs to show your appreciation.


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