MIDWEEK MIXTAPE // 5th December 2012

So, the final Midweek Mixtape of the year is upon us with a vengeance. Yes, it’ll all be end-of-year lists from hereon in. Hey – why not get a jump on the hordes and just check out the brilliantly-illustrated Hype Machine’s 2012 Zeitgeist, which is probably the list you’ll end up coming back to eventually anyway.

And yes, this is also the end of Alex James’ Reign Of Terror Cheddar.

Thus, for one final time in 2012, here’s the dribs and drabs from ANBAD’s inbox, as well as one final hurrah from his Royal Cheesiness, who, in the course of the year, went from Reviled Fromage Freak to King of the Reasonable guys – or at least, in the (dewy) eyes of all in ANBAD Towers.

Ciao, Alex James, you may be gone, but your lingering curd-like miasma will not be forgotten.


FIRST! Slow Skies’ Walk Me Home is almost too touching for words. And yet, it’s crammed with words; gentle, lovely ones describing love and loss. Maybe too wintery, echoey and lovely to take.


SECOND! The Scantharies twang a deliriously fun rockabilly with consummate ease. Twangabilly possibly? Oh, who knows. The Start is just that – and if it continues like this, we’re all WINNERS!

THIRD! Dead Rats Dead Cats are tagged as Grunge Punk Rock Boston, which may be a brand new amalgamated genre, or might just be a short sentence describing their chunky ‘n’ heavy rawk. You just don’t hear enough music like this any more, which is a big ol’ pity.

THAT’S IT! Don’t forget, it’s all End Of Year Lists now. You’ve been warned.

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