Heavy Heart: Light

Listen, let’s be honest. We’re all winding down for Christmas now.

Actually, when I say ‘winding down’, what I mean – from a Blogospheric (ouch) point of view – is that, just like every other music blogger, I’m trying to put together some sort of coherent end of year list to publish on my blog.

End of year lists are both overwhelmingly pointless and insanely important to music bloggers: on one hand, your list is just another cobbled-together bunch of bands and tracks – much like the year-long out put of your blog.

And on the other, it somehow defines what you do. Did you tip Azealia Banks last year? Why? Why not? What does it say about you, your blog, your – shudder – taste?

But all this scrabbling backwards through the year has had another positive effect: I found Heavy Heart lingering in my poor, neglected inbox, and gosh-darn-it, if Everything You Do isn’t one of the best tracks I have heard all year.


Two months late with a Heavy Heart, indeed. And yes, Everything You Do is kinda-sorta symptomatic of the music you may have heard a lot this year: swirling, warm, orange/gold, and dreamy with snappy beats and jabbering vocals. Call it Chillw*ve if you must, but it’s much happier and less cool than that.

So, maybe – just maybe – this is a contender for the ANBAD 2012 Top Ten. Or not. It shouldn’t matter. But this song is a delight whether it lingers and fades or not.

MORE: heavyheartmusic.bandcamp.com

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