ANBAD is running through the best new bands of the year. For explanation of why and howclick here.

For the Top Ten, try here (10-6) and here (5-3) and for the great bands that just missed out, here (15-11).

One of the (many) things that keeps me mentally writhing in pain when picking the year’s Best New Bands is that often, one of them is a band I blogged about recently.

I worry that the only reason I’m singling them out as being especially good is that they are still pinging the synapses of my very short attention span.

And so, I went through the same stupid paroxysms when I selected Straw Bear for the #2 slot in this year’s countdown.

“IDIOT!” screamed my brain, “You only discovered them at the end of November!

And then, I listened to Kitty again. And then I calmed down, and swooned at this lovely, hook-laden, beaut of a song.

Straw Bear – ANBAD said then: “No, it’s not hyperbole – when did you last hear a a hook line as melodically perfect as that present in the chorus of Kitty? This is a song of near-perfect pace, delicious construction, delightful lyrics and sweet intent.”

ANBAD says now: My thoughts have barely changed from the above. In fact, they’ve solidified some other ones too: in a year where I have complained, or at least openly mused, on the paucity of innovative guitar music, Straw Bear has shone some light on what I was actually moaning about.

The problem isn’t really poor guitar bands, or lazy guitar bands who pick up guitars and assume that we will love them regardless, or guitar bands who think they’re edgy (when, with virtually no exceptions, they’re not).

It’s the fact that there are so many guitar bands playing deeply average music that the brilliant, clever, talented ones get smothered. Fortunately, Straw Bear snuck through. They’ve recently been played on national radio, and are building up a head of steam.

They deserve it. Once again, keep an eye out for them in 2013. (And in the meantime, here’s their album Black Bank:

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