Even in these days of algorithms-within-algorithms, where data floods up to eyeball height, the music world still bases almost all of its inner working on hunches, gut feelings, nods and winks.

Maybe this is why the music industry has folded in on itself, eaten its own tail, and shrunk to a tenth of its size – and its why will find endless conjecture everywhere on the fact that this is a good and/or bad thing.

Still, because of this, I feel freer than ever to make wild proclamations, like this: all dance music artists eventually  find their way back to Kraftwerk, whether they want to or not: just like how every rock star eventually releases a solo blues album.

Kudos, then to Omega Male, for leaping straight back to the source, grabbing the bones of Computer World and thrashing them within an inch of its life:


“Why try when you’re just going to fail?/We are the Omega Males” is a nice line to serve as your calling card, and a sign that this is a duo with a sense of fun – remember that? – which is something ‘serious’ pop music forgot all about a long time ago.

In an era when very artist can instantaneously churn through 50 years of pop music, looking for influences/sounds/ideas to rip off, hearing an artist who sounds like one that has gone before them is not unusual.

However, Omega Male are unusual in that their music is lighthearted in intent but serious in execution, and their nods to the past are respectful; loving, even. They are aping their heroes, and building on what they love. This is not to be underestimated.


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