New Rose: Found A… Found A…

Seeing as I’ve been navel-gazing all week (OK, for the last 15 years) about the value – or otherwise – of live music, here’s some clarification on the various points of view I subscribe to.

Live music is clearly wonderful. It just is. It’s better than the recorded version.

Except, it isn’t, always. The above assumes that you’ve bought tickets to a good gig, by a good band, at the height of their powers, and that they happen to have had a good journey to the venue, that the soundcheck went well, and that the guy on the mixing desk is good. And that the bassist hasn’t thrown an almighty strop. Or that the drummer hasn’t choked on vomit.

See, there are a million reasons why a gig might not be great. And that’s kind of my point, I suppose: if you were to buy Stone Roses tickets or indeed, any concert tickets at all, they might possibly be the key to the Best Night Ever, or they might not.

Simply going to a gig does not mean that the event will be a unique moment in time you’ll treasure forever, although I have had a lot of those. I’ve also experienced too many drab ones than I can forget.

Conversely, I’ve had plenty of unique moments in time I will treasure forever via the medium of recorded music too – but few people like to admit this. Experiencing musical bliss on your own, in your bedroom isn’t quite so cool. But it is as valid, and I think it’s important this isn’t forgotten.

Still, my gut instinct tells me that buying tickets to a New Rose gig would be a worthwhile investment. Anyway, since when has going to a gig by a Swedish power-pop group been a gamble?

New Rose // Case Sensitivity

New Rose find ways to make slick 70’s pop-rock footloose and fancy-free again. In fact, it may be the warmest song of all time, all soft, curvy edges and deep, enveloping embraces. You cannot form a frown whilst listening to this song. (Fact.)

And it’s about using Caps Lock. I think. Who cares – it’s a beaut. You’ll be whistling it for the rest of the day.


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