MIDWEEK MIXTAPE // 1st November 2012

This Midweek Mixtape was supposed to go out yesterday. Well, heck. Thursdays are the new Wednesdays/the new black/the new rock ‘n’ roll.

And on the Alex James front? I just don’t know if I can poke fun of him any more. He just seems too nice. Even if you bear in mind Worstival, his Sun column, his McDonalds “exposé”, Wigwam, etc.

So, as ANBAD finds a way to phase out all the bitterness pointed at our cheesy friend, why not get stuck into the Mixtape?

FIRST! What’s that you say? You’ve been hankering after a Latin/Nintendo hybrid pop song? Then FOGMAN vs 荒野の怪物 feat.NINTENDO by Yusaku Harada is your one-stop shop for such insane purposes:


SECOND! Solomon Grey‘s Firechild is so slick, I wonder in the studio was entirely submerged in sump oil. Don’t mistake ‘slick’ for ‘inane’, though – this is a sumptuous pop song, if there ever was one.


THIRD! I listen to so many new bands, that sometimes I am entirely surprised by the contents of my list. Although it could only have been me – I have no idea when or how Jogging House‘s throbbing, echo-drenched music appeared. But it’s lovely, involving stuff:


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