MIDWEEK MIXTAPE // 14th November 2012

Is nothing beyond the business chameleon that is Alex James? Not only does His Cheesiness play for Blur, make cheese and take money of Rupert Murdoch, but he can solve parking issues of minor commuter-belt towns.

Blur bassist offers land to ease shortage of station parking at Kingham

Well, his “people” do, anyway.

So, while your heart melts under the goodwill offered by people that Alex James employs to fully monetise the acreage of his land, why not dip into one of the more eclectic Mixtapes ANBAD has offered for a while?

FIRST! The mysterious Avec Sans shove smart bloopy noises into a pop funnel and squeeze out songs that could cross over into any number of domains: pop, epic-pop, “EDM”, whatever. It’s fairly rare to hear such slick pop from the grassroots, and yet here it is, bold as brass.


SECOND! And as a counterpoint to that slickness, Pagiins are bold enough to stick a delightfully wonky guitar line front and centre on Self Sabateur. They also pop the bounciest bassline of the year into the mix, and a singalong chorus. These guys!


THIRD! Clandestines‘ single You’d Have Never Even Asked My Name As Long As You Got The Satisfaction You Need will take up pretty much the whole of the reviews the song gets, which is a shame because it sounds [review limit exceeded]


FINALLY! What, a new song from ANBAD’s favourite mid-to-south-Wales weird-poppers, Trwbador? Marvellous – and this song is their iciest, most creepy pop song yet. Hooray!

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