Greymouth: Happy Cycling

Ebb, flow; ebb, flow.

Around this time of year, a young (OK, no-longer-so-young) music blogger’s thoughts turns to the troublesome matter of end-of-year lists. They’re unavoidable now, and there’s little point even pondering over the issue any longer (and yet, here we are).

I like to kid myself and believe that ANBAD tries to stay aloof and above taking part in such asinine music-cred-grabbin’ behaviour.

Of course, I’ll do it anyway, and publish a list of my 2012 Faves just like everyone else. Alternatively, I’ll write my Top 10/Top 20/Top 100 list onto paper and bury it in a time capsule, as an experiment to see whether future generations will go as loopy about Neo-2-Step. Altruistic to the last.

Speaking of touching sentiments, what about Greymouth’s Flying Bird? It’s a song of gloomy, tupperware-hued beauty that feels personal to every listener.


I often wonder – after having heard a zillion new bands all year, and having featured 250-odd new ones that I think are worth talking about – whether, when putting the year-end list together, I give too much credit to the ones that I heard in November, simply because my attention span is too short.

If so, Greymouth have a great chance of END-OF-YEAR-LIST GLORY, because this is a song that manages to convey the feeling that it is being sung for you, and for you alone. Flying Bird is emotional without being overwrought, and touching without being creepy.

Many bands are condescendingly labelled ‘female’ – but Greymouth are just that, in the best, most positive way possible.


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