And Vice Versa: Dressing Room Music

After yesterday’s eulogising of live music: back to the bedroom studio again, luxuriating in music that exists only in a laptop.

It could never last, could it?

And Vice Versa is the result of yet another plunge into the sorta-kinda alien world of Japanese dance music, where everything is just as it seems and yet still feels one curious degree off musical magnetic north.

So why is this sound so satisfying? Burbles, clicking and sparse, metronomic snaps are nothing new or uncommon. But they scratch an itch unlike any other at the moment – for me at least.

And yet… one of my deeply hidden concerns is that this music veers verrrrry close to the twin bastions of Clothes Shop Dressing Room Music: Funky House and 2-Step Garage – music inoffensive enough to engage everyone who hears it, but seemingly edgy enough to engender the listeners with a slick of cool-by-association.


Until I figure out whether I’ve simply been lulled into a false sense of security and, gosh, I really ought to buy that low-cut v-neck t-shirt I’ve been inexorably drawn towards – here’s why, for now at least, I like the sound of Dolphin Hotel: its the four-to-the-floor-ness.

The driven, regimented, thud-thud-thud click-click-click of very basic dance music is a joy to behold and difficult to quantify: so simple, so pointless, so easy. And yet some people -and I am one of them – are drawn like mad-fer-it moths to a floor-fillin’ flame.

And Vice Versa is one of those new bands I pick on feeling alone, for better or worse. It may turn out to be a mistake. But until then, I’m throwing shapes.


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