I get excited when a new band mentions that they used to be in another new band that was previously featured on ANBAD.

Excitement, of course, because I can usually remember the band in question, which means that I haven’t totally lost my marbles yet.

The possibility – now ANBAD is almost 1,000 new bands in, with pretty much every name still ringing bells – that this in itself may be regarded as slightly crazy is not lost on your correspondant.

Still, Luke from Wurld Series used to be in excellent Manchester band Hyacinth Girl, a band that ANBAD carefully predicted, back in early 2010, would not disappear without trace.

Well. This is not the first time ANBAD has been wrong. So maybe it’s not worth musing on Wurld Series‘ longevity or otherwise, and it would be better to focus on the sprightly and chipper lo-fi pop they produce, seemingly at will.


So, here’s a chance to celebrate Good Time‘s transience, its wilful disappearance into the pop ether, its ephemeral qualities. The song seems to be trying to do the same thing: hitting the chorus after just seconds, keeping the verse short and the chorus even shorter. Manic pop thrills abound.

All of the songs on Wurld Series’ EP are under two minutes in length, and this, as has been established in the past, is a good thing. Trashy, thrashy and excellently disposable.

MORE: wurldseries.bandcamp.com

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