ShottenSynapse – Bad Guys and Guns

Hey, how extensive is your knowledge of Serbian wobble-glitch house?

Yes, probably about the same as mine: minimal.

Serbia and the countries surrounding it are probably best known at the moment for producing the generic bad guys in Hollywood movies like Taken, so finding out there’s a healthy music scene outside of all that running-around-waving-guns-whilst-making-threatening-phone-calls is heartening to say the least.

ShottenSynapse may mean something, or it may mean nothing.

Perhaps, like a shaven-headed enemy in The Transporter movies, motive is a lot less important than just getting on with doing something noisy.


DiminishedNonsensoryAparatus might be a bit of a silly name, but it hits all the right spots in terms of fulfilling house music’s basic and most life-affirming functions: it is relentless, mechanical and after a while, becomes so repetitive that your mind begins to find loops that simply weren’t there before.

And that’s as high a compliment one could pay to any kind of music in this sphere: this song is fascinating in its depth, layering and rhythm; and moreover, it’s got groove. Great.


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