Peadar Kearney: Sharp

Yesterday, I speculated that remixes were just too complex for ANBAD’s simple brain to fully comprehend.

Well, not totally, but you get the idea. Anyway – all that gnashing of teeth over remixes turned up one interesting concept: is it really helpful to hear an original song before hearing the remix?

I’d argue that the worst thing you could possibly do is listen to the song that a remix is taken from, especially so if you form an attachment to the song in question.

For a vivid demonstration of the withering effect of listening to an original song along with the remix, please observe Exhibit A: Primal Scream’s brilliant remix, Loaded, and then Exhibit B: the drab song it was spawned from, I’m Losing More Than I’ll Ever Have. I’m sorry if I have now ruined the former song.

The other solution to this problem is to make a song that sounds like it’s already a remix to start off with. So that’s pretty much what Peadar Kearney did. Remix that, you laptop-fiddling student producers!


This is a song with buzz, life and sparkle. Snappy beats, bright twangs and deep hums all sit comfortably together, even though they shouldn’t. This is brilliant, supple, and sharp.

Who would want to hear a remix of this?


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