MIDWEEK MIXTAPE // 10th October 2012

Here in the Alex James Appreciation Wing of ANBAD Towers, our large, busy and attentive staff like to think that we have our finger firmly on the pulse of all Alex James News.

We were wrong. How long has he been writing a column about farming for the Telegraph?

And how could I have missed his rock ‘n’ roll, no holds-barred pearls of wisdom for so long?

Pearls, of course, like this one:

In the 21st-century farm business, diversification is key. The most profitable crop in history is high-density commuter housing, perhaps something I’ve not looked into enough.

Hold on to your hats! Oh, and here’s the mixtape:

FIRST! There’s something purely delightful about naming your band after an imaginary world–a place in the Atlantic Ocean located somewhere between Iceland and Greenland. But that’s what The Water Village did, and who am I to argue, especially when their songs are this dreamy, sweet and soapy?


SECOND! There’s a whiff of the Lana del Reys about Neonfaith. Don’t hate. This is a very nice song indeed:


THIRD! Just imagine if you actually had a Mechanical Elephant. Just imagine. It’d be a great way to get to work. Probably wouldn’t sound as hazily lovely as this song, though. And think of the dung.

FINALLY! Furns’ Love Aches is so *airy*, it hurts. It sounds like it has been recorded forwards, then backwards, and then mixed together. On the moon.

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