KELLE: Love, Remixed

There are a few reasons that ANBAD rarely features remixes.

It’s certainly not that the tireless team of new music scavengers locked away in the basement of ANBAD Towers has any problem with the very real art of remixing, and in fact, many of ANBAD’s favourite songs are remixes </racism jokes>.

However, it usually boils down to reasons more to do with mere resource management (oh yes) than things like taste or quality – simply put, remixes are more often than not the work of unknown artists (good!) re-sculpting very well-known artists (see other music blogs for details).

This is clearly a quandary of sorts: I love publicising the new artists, but how much of the new work is theirs, and how much is Lana del Rey’s? Thus, I steer clear of them, plus a Gmail filter that diverts all emails containing the word “Remix” straight to the bin makes the thought of facing my inbox so much more palatable.


Kelle has remixed Indian Well’s Love Frequencies, and, well – it’s impossible to ignore.


It’s a truism that almost all songs are about love, even the ones that think they’re not. But most songs simply describe the feelings of love – here is a remix that tries to convey the feeling itself. Thus, the song loops around and around, slow and slightly anxious, weary and yet ready to bloom.

The determined repetition is soporific, lovely and true. I didn’t listen to the original song. It wasn’t necessary.

NB: this song was, of course, on Bad Panda records. They truly are miles ahead when it comes to unearthing this stuff.


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