bbbbb: Madness To His Madness

Being someone who clutches narcissism close at all times, it’s hard to turn down an opportunity to whinge about anything.

So. Picture the scene, dear reader: Sunday afternoon, rain outside, toasty warm inside, stomach sated with a fried breakfast fit for a king. One bold music blogger decides to finally clear the incoherent mass that is ANBAD’s inbox.

Well, friends, it was a distaster of monumental proportions. I think all the good new bands have hibernated for winter, or at least are spending all their time waitering to save money for SXSW 2013.

In my gloom, I typed haphazardly into Soundcloud’s search box. I discovered bbbbb. My theory that randomly reaching into the musical ether is as good a method of discovery as any was once again vindicated.


Beginning with a crash, and ending with the kind of digital de-cluttering you’d associate with the noise of crashing hard drive, K4B cuts any number of new furrows along its path. Many of them are peeped down, never to be re-visited, and some are looped, stabbed, repeated madly.

It doesn’t matter that there is only madness in bbbbb’s madness: only that the song exists at all. K4D could only exist in the chaos that is K4D’s oddly-ordered system. And the result is brilliant – although only you can decide which definition of the word suits your response best.


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