Eets: “Killin’ It!!!!”

I’m occasionally blindsided by an artist, especially one that I discover myself whilst spooling through the bottomless pit that is Soundcloud’s music repository.

Thus it was when I fell over Eets, a hip-hop producer from Anchorage, a town who only ever previously made an impact in my life from a very so-so Michelle Shocked song.

In many ways, Eets characterises everything I studiously avoid on ANBAD: he only posts snippets of his songs,  he’s a self-promoting hip-hop producer (sigh, isn’t everyone these days?), and his Soundcloud waveforms are a blizzard of “Killin’ it!!!!” comments.

And yet. These songs are exactly what makes hip-hop so brilliant, when you get beyond the tedious bling, subservient bitches and ho-objectification. They are pieced together from snatches of brilliant sounds, by an artist who values texture, quality and feel over everything else.

This is why the above snippets – Buggin’ in particular – are so adept at scratching an itch: they work on a gut level, with satisfaction of the listener preceding everything else.

They are snappy, sharp, clever, awkward, slippery…. everything you want from sound, from pop, from music, is to be found here. Brilliant.


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