COMPETITION: Tickets! Getcha Free Tickets!

UPDATE: The winner was @Dot_Communism, with the entry “Oh Mumford & Sons,with your LP like the gift shop at a medium sized slightly out of the way castle”. Congratulations!

Mmmm, live gigs.

Complain as much as you like (or as much as I do) about the stranglehold it has on the music industry right now, in reality very few things in life beat going and standing in a dark, sticky-floored room, with a pint of odd-tasting lager, watching some sullen musicians wearing colourful T-shirts mope onstage.

And they’re the good gigs – even the ones where the band smiles a bit and says “thanks” now and then are worth going to, too.

So Ladbrokes has decided to go borderline crazy, and give away £50 worth of free Ticketmaster vouchers to one lucky ANBAD reader. I know, I know – just think of all the Ed Sheeran tickets you could buy with that (well, OK, it’s probably just two, but you could spend it more wisely on anyone you flippin’ like, because Ticketmaster seem to have them all).

And why is Ladbrokes being all generous with gig ticket vouchers? Well, they’ve just launched a new vinyl-based slot machine on their website that combines the snooty thrills of crate-digging for vinyl with the visceral excitement of winning bags of lovely moolah to buy the overpriced, giant-person, crackly-sounding, sub-CDs in the first place.

So, to win 50 quid of Ticketmaster vouchers, just email or tweet me the answer to this question, with the hashtag #OMGfreetickets:

“Vinyl is often cited as sounding better than competing formats. But – just how average is the new Mumford and Sons LP?”

Best description of how average the new Mumford and Sons LP is, as chosen by me, wins the £50 of vouchers.

Competition ends Sunday 7th October. Go to it!

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