BREEK: Default

I often wonder whether I’ll get tired of certain strictly genre-ified types of music.

It’s happened in the past: my short-lived infatuation with lo-fi tweecore lasted for the precise amount of time it took me to learn to loathe the glockenspiel, for example, yet other by-numbers music – drum ‘n’ bass, for example – continues to tickle my synapses even when I know the songs I’m listening to have all used the same Amen Break since ’92.

You can add house music to that list: I’ll listen to any of it, all day long, as long as it never veers into the ‘Funky’ or ‘Bounce’ sub-genres-from-hell.

So Breek were always a shoo-in, especially given that I have work coming out of my eyeballs, and thus am liable to drift to default musical settings, and because, frankly, Inuit is a whole lot of crystal-clear, squelchy fun.


Inuit makes use of the ebb-and-flow, give-and-go, drop-and-rewind frolics that make all good dance music work well; and to this, they add droplets of weirdness. Screeching synths, hypnotising clicks and sloshing basslines are always welcome, and in this instance, they are vital.

Clever construction, bright beats and a lack of pretention: excellent.


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