BITBASIC: Learn To Accept Your Rewards

ANBAD attended the Blog North Awards ceremony on Wednesday night, having been nominated for an award in the Most Niche Obsessive-Blog category or something.

Naturally, in a ceremony that showcased life-affirming, socially-aware and thoughtful bloggers, a half-hearted, repeating-the-same-thing-expecting-different-results band-splurge like ANBAD never had a chance, and so it proved.

Congrats to all the worthy winners, of course. Not that I’m bitter. *seethes*

I bet bleep-botherer Bitbasic will win some sort of award for his soft ‘n’ ecstatic electric-pop. The world is unfair like that.


Make no mistake after reading my aggrieved jabbering above – Bitbasic is one to watch, and is, frankly, modest to a fault.  Simon (for it is he behind Bitbasic) has labelled the above song as “a mess”.

This is scandalously unfair. He has also named it a work in progress. I beg him to re-think on this count too.

Because Brain Plague is a delight, from start to finish. Gentle, careful, sweet and bombastic all at once – and when, half-way through, it cools down, then – glory be! – builds and rebuilds, then takes off once more, your heart will soar.

Excellent, inventive, happy, creative. A winner by any measure.


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