Between You And Me: Happy Birthday

On the occasions when I despair at the fact that I have now blogged about A New Band (almost) A Day for over four years, it occurs to me that I should suck up my pathetic inner trauma, and meditate on the fact that others have been doing it for much longer.

One of these hardy souls is Sean Adams of Drowned In Sound, who has, as of today(-ish), been running the UK’s biggest music site for 12 years.

Twelve years! That’s 61 in dog years, and their highly-tuned ears lend themselves well to the constant stream of new music the site has whelped forth in the last decade-and-a-bit. I believe that the canine user-base of DiS is now hovering around 16%.

Congratulations to Sean, and in his honour, here’s some Miami house music, of which I am positive Sean is an enormous fan.


Actually, Feast is a million miles away from the horrors that the close proximity of “Miami” and “house” may conjure, as Between You And Me has produced a slab – oh, yes – of widescreen, swooshing and lethargic electronic music that causes time to warp, and colours to tilt towards the orange.


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