Ahmad Jackson Jr.: SPOOOOOOOOOKY

You know the old saying: “you wait for one bizarro-glitch-shamble-pop song to come out of obscure Japanese label Kool Switch Works, and then two come along all at once.”

And so it goes: after the near-lunacy of bbbbb just a couple of days earlier, and ANBAD Towers is now ringing out to the luxury spook-pop of Ahmad Jackson Jr.

Ah, yes: spookiness – it’s Hallowe’en, of course, ANBAD’s least favourite excuse for people to get dressed up as something vaguely bloody and play Monster Mash all night. (The only excuse also being Hallowe’en, not that that makes it any better).

So while you’re pulling on your ‘ironic’ Jimmy Savile costume (men) or your patriarchially-designated ‘sexy’ witch costume (women) just before you chug green jelly shots, why not do it  to the strains of Want No-One But You, and wonder what could’ve been?


There’s always been a lot of chatter about how the vague noodling of 90’s R&B has surprisingly weedled its way back into the most now of music, but it’s no enormous shocker: the kind of warm, synth-y loops that form Want No-One But You’s backbone are, I believe, a barely-understood base human need. There’s no other reasoning for their continual appearance.

The desired effect is there, either way: this is a surprisingly sultry song, despite the madly jammering percussion and detuned vocal lurches. Curious, but dreamy.

MORE: soundcloud.com/kool-switch-works

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