Young Blood tricked me into some sort of inner-zero-sum scenario.

What else was I supposed to do with a youthful new band called Young Blood?

By ticking all the boxes – they’re crafty and smart new artists, they have a snappy name, they write nice emails –  I couldn’t really not feature them on ANBAD, but then, but the same token, it seems almost glib to do so.


The truly great news is that Young Blood, with a feather-light touch, crush any silly latent worries like those listed above: crushed by the lead-like weight of dapper tunes, production warmer and breezier than the Mistral, and a dull but compelling relentlessness to their careful, sweet songs.


Tell Her From Me is a deeply gentle song, created in a time where gentle songs usually indicate either a band’s soppy centre or a tedious stab at FM-friendly ubiquity.

This is neither: a heartfelt, human and honest song, alive with shimmering happiness. Great.


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