Warmer Corners: Love/Hate

The content a band puts in their PR emails speaks volumes. I always trot out the same advice: be polite, be personal, be succinct, paste in a Soundcloud link and a photo and click ‘send’.

Then again, some bands send emails that contain no information other than a link to their new songs, and these are ones that I often click with the most impunity.

Occasionally a band will follow my advice (or similar) to the letter, and I’ll read no further than “…heartfelt choruses [aren’t they all?] and epic riffs [ditto]…” before hammering ‘delete’ as soon as is humanly possible.

Warmer Corners appear here for a few reasons, and only one of them is because they sent a nice email that ticked all the boxes; but they mainly caught my eye because of the following boast:

“We’ve been compared to… The Monochrome Set and most prominently Half Man Half Biscuit. We were told by a drunk woman the other day that we ‘sound like what the Vaccines want to sound like’.”

Well, well, well. CLICK.



Rayban Party will be loathed by some people. That’s fine. Because if listening to acres and acres of new music has told me nothing (and this is a lot closer to the truth than some people imagine), then any song that will be hated will be loved by as many people.

So if Rayban Party, all two minutes of it, doesn’t pique your interest with Warmer Corners’ fey, chipper and tongue-in-cheek lyrics, scuzzy guitar-choppin’ and vaguely wacky premise, then console/sadden yourself with the fact that somewhere, someone is spinning around their room with delight.


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