THE CANDY STRYPERS: The Past’s Present

Occasionally, moments of lucidity burst through the fug that permeates ANBAD Towers, and today the shaft of light that beamed in spelled out the words “Hey, hasn’t there been a lot of laptop-derived music on here recently?

Well, quite.

Hey, it’s not my fault, OK? ANBAD merely holds up a mirror to musical society, blah blah blah.

Anyway, I’m not going to pretend that I paused for extra thought when I initially heard The Candy Strypers. After spending so many days harping on about how new bands should be pushing envelopes and embracing newness, and other such cobblers, how could I justify featuring a band who makes 12-string jangle pop zapped in from 1966?


Well, quite easily, it turned out, as Hymn The Girl fulfils the ANBAD Criteria that overrules all others: Make A Good Fucking Song. And Hymn The Girl is a good fucking song, whichever way you try to cut it.

There are few things in life as satisfying as a smartly-compiled pop song, which is exactly what this is: the means justifying the end, as it were.

The Candy Strypers are, in so many ways, a product of another time. And sometimes that’s just perfect.

2 thoughts on “THE CANDY STRYPERS: The Past’s Present

  1. Nice one, Joe, good to read this stuff, nice talking to you and Louis tonight, I like your shopped Citizen Kane picture in your about section. Better than this band. Sorry, but true.

  2. Well. There is *no* accounting for taste, ha.

    Nice to meet you too – Louis and I had an entirely undignified evening after we left.


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