PILLOWCASE: Brains. Braaaaaains. Brrrraaaaaiiiinnsss

ANBAD loves, yet loathes, understatement.

If you’re awesome, it’s worth shouting about, and bands that don’t do this have merely found a quiet, reticent way of shooting themselves in the foot.

That said, understatement does have the occasional attractive moment: here’s (the wonderfully named) Pillowcase’s assessment of their new song, Brain: “just a demo from my bedroom, should be going into the studio soon.”

Mercy. If I’d written a song as lethargically, noxiously, grubby as Brain, I’d be singing its praises from the rooftops.

Such songs are not new, in many respects: where’s the pitch-shifted vocals? The sparse clicks in place of drums? The de-tuned R’n’B samples?

Importantly, who gives a monkeys? – there are so few genuinely flustered, scratchy and fuzzy/fizzy rock songs being made now, that Brain is welcome in its purest form.

Just a demo? Just a peep through a window into a different time. Wet, gritty and delicious.


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