NERVE LEAK: Looming Large

I now have to restrain myself when writing posts that feature songs from Bad Panda Records, because they almost always end up featuring a sentence or three explaining bewilderment at how Bad Panda keeps finding so many good new songs, or a half-witticism on how I always query how Bad Panda keeps finding so many good new songs.

In this post, I realise that I have achieved both, the kind of meta-stupid opening to a post that does nothing to help the great new artist contained within. Oh well.

Nerve Leak is another beautiful Bad Panda discovery: an artist who smudges sound into soft, luxuriant parcels of noise.


Atlantic Hold reminds me, in sound, if not in composition, of Goldie’s landmark Inner City Life: a swirl of organic samples and sounds layered and clustered to create the sensation of warmth, love and wide-eyed happiness with the world.

That is a decent achievement. Atlantic Hold is unutterably cosy, and comforting, yet it acknowledges the chaos and insanity of the world at large. It looms large and heavy; it skips lightly and twitches gently. Excellent.


One thought on “NERVE LEAK: Looming Large

  1. You are so right man, it does seem like Bad Panda Records has been on an incredibly hot streak lately. Anyone know where I can legally download this album? I will buy it if all of the songs are as good as this one. Anyway, thanks for the great blog, I just bookmarked it.

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