MIDWEEK MIXTAPE // 19th Sept 2012

It’s (semi-)official: the ANBAD/Alex James Cheese-Monger infatuation is fading, much like a wilting rose, or the weakening miasma from a year-old Stilton.

The equation of Alex James + weak topical gag = humour (Or AJ + Hmm = LOL/1000) is no longer spritzing my Chablis. It’s a shame, but all things must pass, as always.

So. The Midweek Mixtape focusses, for once, on the, er… mixtape. About time, too.

FIRST! GuMM‘s Lionheart sounds, like, totally early-90’s. At least the start does, when the swirling My Bloody Valentine-esque fuzz consumes the song whole. It doesn’t stay like that, though: the lyrics are audible, which, of course, is where the MBV comparisons end, naturally. Still – great:


SECOND! If these are the The Symptoms, what is the disease? And why would we not all want it, considering that Don’t Leave is as sulkily poppy as you could possibly hope for?


THIRD! Apparently, Speak Galactic was on ANBAD before – although it took me a quick search before I remembered. This is no slur against the band, just a reflection of my terrible memory, and the fact that there have been too many bands to count now (OK, it’s 917). Pfft, who cares anyway – Precautionary Measures is great, clattering stuff.


FOURTH! Devoted Friend have made a clunky, lo-fi, hissing album of clunky, lo-fi, hissing songs that sound like they were recorded in a bedroom, or an old warehouse. Sometimes, I can think of nothing I’d prefer to listen to. Balled Up Pt. 1 hits all number of spots in this regard. Slight and wistful and weird.


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