HOW GREEN: A Slight Reinventing

I have done a lot of thinking recently. Yes, yes, I know. But I have been thinking about new music a lot, as usual, and in particular the desire to create something new.

After all, newness is the raison, of, indeed, ANBAD’s etre, so this is kind of important.

And this is what occurred to me: perhaps making something new is more important now than ever before. There was a time when being Just Another Indie Band did, in fact, cut it – in a time before the internet and every man and his dog uploading new songs every five minutes.

Artists today don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Take How Green: here is a song that prods the nooks and crannies of the accepted limits. Nothing crazy. Just very pleasing.



Deep, slow and imperceptibly creepy, Let Go tickles and charms, bubbles and tumbles. It’s sweet, lazy and has a cobbled-together feel.

The peak of the old state of affairs culminated in the Landfill Indie phenomenon, and ever since, bands who refuse to rise to the challenge may as well have a large, flickering neon light above their heads spelling out the words “You’ve Heard This Before, Please Ignore”.

How Green will be heard for the right reasons.


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