Honey Luvv: Vox Pox

I’m not perfect. That much is blindingly obvious to any reader of this blog.

But recently, I proved this to myself, once again, in a whole new way: by discovering a text file on my computer that was, in effect, a cache of great music from about six months ago. It had a dozen or so bands in it, with the motif “Write about these next!” at the top.

Inevitably, I forgot about the text file, and the bands were lost. Since I found it, I’ve been crowbarring the bands into ANBAD in dribs and drabs, making a slight preposterousness of any claims to ultra-newness.

Still. Who cares really? And have you heard of Honey Luvv? Probably not, which is why this whole exercise is almost worthwhile.

I don’t often touch vocal-less demos with a bargepole. Vocal-less demos are to new music blogging what horse manure is to farming: plentiful and only useful months later when nature has taken its course.

Honey Luvv’s Yeti snuck through partly due to sheer exuberance, but mainly because it has an unexpected, unintended quality: it sounds like a B-Side.

B-Sides (kids, ask your dad) don’t exist any more, but often they’d sound like this: a snippet of something that came out of the studio that wouldn’t fit anywhere else, but was too good/interesting/fun to lose completely.

So that’s that: the sound of six months ago, without vocals or much by the way of explanation, either. Honey Luvv may never record anything again.

My guess is that he/she is recording under another name. So this is a buzzy, caffeine-fuelled time capsule.

MORE: soundcloud.com/honey-luvv

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